susannah isabella liguori

psychedeliccheese asked: You're gorgeous. Wish I could pull off short hair like you do. Also you seem like the kind of person I would be friends with. Have a nice day!

Anonymous asked: How do you deal with insecurities, if you have any that is? A modelling agency wants to take photos of me and I want to be a model but I'm so insecure I don't think I'll be able to stand all the photos

Don’t do it.

Anonymous asked: Jealous of your nose!! Sounds weird but you literally have the most perfect nose in my opinion, mine is big and bumpy. Would you be creeped out if I brought in a photo of ur nose to a plastic surgeon to show him what I want? Haha

Anonymous asked: To that last anon: she didn't stop Cole from flirting or cheating on Susannah (I'm not too sure what happened, but from people talking these are the conclusions) and encouraged his attention towards her. This does directly harm Susannah as it involves Cole abandoning her for another. I also think that people should probably shut up about it and let Susannah here move on.

Anonymous asked: Why is everyone being so mean about Ali? I understand why people are mean about Cole, he was cruel to Susannah. But Ali didn't directly do anything to harm Susannah

Anonymous asked: Cole is an awful cliche of a man. Ali is a boring skeleton on whom clothes are fitted. She tries to act interesting on Instagram but lacks any brain cells whatsoever

Anonymous asked: Is this the real Susannah Liguori or a fan?

Real susannah I don’t have fans ha

Anonymous asked: hey hey he y i go to NYU as well :) what's your living plans for the coming school year? you're amazingly talented, best wishes !!

I am taking a year off to work for a stylist this year so I am living with a roommate in the east village while working.

Anonymous asked: thanks 4 sharing your trip with us on your istagram. Please keep posting pics :)

Anonymous asked: We know what your anons think of Ali, what do you think of ali?

I haven’t ever met her. I’m sure she is nice. She is very beautiful. That’s all I can say really.

lanatee asked: love your art! miss your RIP Instagrams! also: hope you're doing alright. people aren't nice sometimes, and usually to the people who deserve it the least. seems weird being internet-famous.